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Stork Bingo

Use a bingo card without the numbers. Each guest writes what he/she thinks the mother-to-be will be getting as gifts. As the mom opens her gifts, the attendees mark it off their card if they have it. When the card is full (or a line in any direction is a smaller party), the guest yells BINGO and wins.

A Mother's Purse

Read of a list of items and each attendee tries to find it in her purse. You can assign a number of points for each item (the more unusual the item, the higher number of points). The person with the most points wins. Hint: Best for an all woman shower, especially when most are moms!

Ideas for items are: A crayon and paper Something that is pink A safety pin Something that is blue A baby toy Two of something (for a twin's party) A picture of children or a baby A wet wipe A picture of a mother Invitation to the shower Cotton swabs The letters in the word "baby" written somewhere

Nursery Boo-Boo

Find someone who can draw and have them draw a picture of a nursery with errors in it. For example, crib missing a wheel, candle instead of night lamp, etc. Make sure to make enough copies for everyone and give the attendees a time limit (5 minutes) to find the mistakes. The one with the most mistakes wins.

Playdough Sculpture Game

The attendees are separated into teams. The mother-to-be creates a list of baby items. The list is cut up and put into a bowl. She pulls one slip from the bowl and shows it to one member of each team. That person goes back to the team and tires to make a sculpture of the item. The team that thinks they know the item raises their hands. The mother-to-be asks them the word. If they are incorrect, the remaining teams keep going until someone guesses. Remember all the teams are working on the same word at the same time. Oh, one more thing, no talking during the sculpturing, but laughing is allowed.

Decorate Baby T-shirts

Give each attendee a plain white baby T-shirt and some puff paint. The attendees can decorate away. Since newborns go through many outfits a day, any new mom will love having many cute T-shirts!

Try Not to Say "Baby" Game

Every baby shower attendee gets a baby diaper pin to pin on his/her clothes. Everyone tries not to say "Baby" during the party. When someone does, the first person who catches the slip, gets to confiscate the pin. The one with the most pins at the end of the party, wins!

Who Did What Game

Attendees try to find someone at the party who as a child did that was unique. The host/hostess may check up on the attendees before the party for specifics.

Here are a sample of items:
Played a string instrument
Did not have any sisters
Wore glasses
Born in a foreign country
Wore braces
Won a trophy
Born the same month as the baby's due date
Wore a cast
Walked before their first birthday
Had 3 or more brothers
Sang in the choir
Walked to school (in the snow?)
Was not born in a hospital
Had a horse (not rocking)
Sent to the principal's office
Was chalkboard monitor

Each attendee is given a piece of paper with the above and a line for the name. Attendees circulate so they can ask each other the questions. A name can only appear once on each attendee's sheet. Great game if the attendees do not know each other well.

Baby Gift Guess

Have attendees bring a small item that you would use for a baby (i.e. pacifier, bib). Give each attendee a list of names of all the attendees. Have them wear these things if possible. After everyone is there and sitting down, have them remove the items and put it in a small basket.

See how many people can guess what each person was wearing when they came to the shower. When the lists are complete, have them take what they brought out of the basket. The person with the most correct wins. All items go to the mom-to-be.

Birthing Babies

You place tiny babies in an ice tray and fill with water. Freeze. Then at the shower each guest gets a drink with one baby-to-be in each glass. The guests can not bite the ice cube or suck on it. They have to patiently wait for the baby to be born. The first baby born wins a prize.

Suggestion: in order to get the babies to freeze in the center of the cube, you have to freeze in two steps. First fill half way and freeze, then add baby, then fill the rest of the way and finish freezing. Otherwise, the baby sinks to the bottom.

Lucky Roll

Attendees roll dice to try to win gifts. If the attendee rolls 7 or 11, they can pick a gift the floor or table. If all the gifts are gone, then the attendee can "steal" a gift from another person. Set a time limit of 5 minutes to really keep the game exciting. Ideas for gifts include shower gel with scrubby, pads of pretty papers, large candy bars, etc.

Father-to-be Great for coed showers!

The father-to-be places a balloon under his shirt with his birth weight listed on it. Everyone tries to guess the father-to-be's birth weight. He reads through the cards and then "gives birth" and the one who guesses the closest wins.

Guess Birth Year and Weight

Give each attendee a piece of paper with names of the other guests. Then, have them take a guess at 1.) What year that person was born 2.) What they weighed at birth This should prove to be hysterical when guests of different ages are together.

Finger String

Each attendee has to wrap the string around his/her finger without knowing why. As the string is being unwrapped, the attendee must say how they know the mother-to-be and give a piece of advice. The longer the string the more the attendee has to talk!

Diaper Bag Memory

Pack a diaper bag with an assortment of baby care items. Each guest gets 30 second to sort through the bag and try to remember what is in it. When everyone has looked take the bag away and pass out paper for everyone to list what they remember.

The “Can You Remember?” Game

Before the party, place several new baby items such as baby shampoo, cotton balls, bottle nipples, baby cloths, soft baby toys, rattle, diaper, and other items related items on a large tray and display this on your coffee table or on the kitchen table, wherever the guests are likely to see it as they arrive. When it is time to play party games, start by giving each guest paper and pen/pencil, but do not tell them why they need them. Then take the tray away. Now ask your guests to write down what they remember seeing on the tray. They don’t have to remember the brand name, just the description of the item.

The guest who remembers the most items wins. In case of a tie, ask the guests to then write down brand names or colors of the objects and the guest who remembers the most detail wins (or give all the guests with the same score a party favor!) When the game is over, give the items on the tray to the mother-to-be as a shower gift.

Baby Name

At party time, give each guest paper and pen. Tell them to write down as many baby names as they can in a minute’s time (you should have a watch with a second hand, or a digital display to use as a timer). The one who can come up with the most names wins. (Hint: have a “Baby Names” book to give to the mother-to-be as a memento of the game!)

Keep the Egg

Have enough eggs on hand so that each guest will have an egg. Before the party, tie a different colored ribbon around each egg. As the guests arrive, or once all the guests have arrived (but before all the games begin), give each guest an egg and tell them to protect the egg as if it were their baby. Tell them they may set the egg down, but they must have the egg at the very end of the party.

Before the guests start to leave, ask the guest to return their egg in exchange for a party favor. Then stand back and see how many still have their eggs (or if they remembered where they set them down!) and if they want to keep the egg or exchange it for a gift. Don’t be surprised if some guests have named their egg and decide to keep egg instead of taking the party favor! As a memento for the mother-to-be, you can use one of those empty plastic Easter eggs and stuff it with a few pairs of baby socks or anything that will fit inside the egg.

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