Baby Shower Themes

Themes are a good way to decorate for a shower. Everything matches and coordinates, and people feel as if there is an overall plan.


Use the mom's favorite colors, or blue and white or pink or white if you know the baby's gender.

Baby Items

Your shower can have any baby related theme: rubber duckies, storks, bottles, pacifiers, or diapers.

Character Showers

You can use any children's character as a basis for your theme. Examples: Winnie the Pooh, Barney, Sesame Street, and so on.

Time of Day Shower

Assign each guest a time of day in advance, and ask them to bring gifts the mom or baby could use at that time. You can let them choose either am or pm, or assign them an am or pm time.

Examples: 8 PM could be pajamas, 10 pm could be bubble bath, 8 am could be an outfit, and so on.

Clothesline Shower

String up a clothesline over the party space. When you send out invitations, assign each guest a size and type of clothes (such as pj's, play clothes, church clothes). Have each guest wrap their present so it can be hung on the clothesline. Arrange by size.

Shower Shower

Get out the umbrellas and raincoats, the forecast says showers today! Decorate with umbrellas and galoshes.

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