Baby Shower Themes

Themes are a good way to decorate for a shower. Everything matches and coordinates, and people feel as if there is an overall plan.


Use the mom's favorite colors, or blue and white or pink or white if you know the baby's gender.

Baby Items

Your shower can have any baby related theme: rubber duckies, storks, bottles, pacifiers, or diapers.

Character Showers

You can use any children's character as a basis for your theme. Examples: Winnie the Pooh, Barney, Sesame Street, and so on.

Time of Day Shower

Assign each guest a time of day in advance, and ask them to bring gifts the mom or baby could use at that time. You can let them choose either am or pm, or assign them an am or pm time.

Examples: 8 PM could be pajamas, 10 pm could be bubble bath, 8 am could be an outfit, and so on.

Clothesline Shower

String up a clothesline over the party space. When you send out invitations, assign each guest a size and type of clothes (such as pj's, play clothes, church clothes). Have each guest wrap their present so it can be hung on the clothesline. Arrange by size.

A to Z Shower

For this shower, simply write an alphabet letter on each guest's invitation and have them bring a gift beginning with that letter.

Shower Shower

Get out the umbrellas and raincoats, the forecast says showers today! Decorate with umbrellas and galoshes.

Nursery Rhymes

Who doesn't have a favorite nursery rhyme that baby can enjoy? Create invitations beginning with 'Once upon a time', serve a cake with a large 'B' (that was put it in the oven for Baby and Me!) and decorate with cows jumping over the moon, little Jack Horner sitting in a corner, and others. You can decorate, bake, and even play games of the nursery rhyme theme.

Another Nursery Theme Shower is based on Baby's Nursery Theme. Ask the parents-to-be what Nursery theme they have picked for baby and have guests bring items for the nursery or items with the nursery theme.

Diaper Shower

Don't forget the essentials! And this shower is all about just that very thing. Start with invitations that assign a diaper size for each guest, and have them bring a package of diapers in that size. A great starter for the parents-to-be! Decorate with a traditional diaper cake and play diaper related games.

Noah's Ark

It's two of everything for the parents-to-be of twins! Have all the guests bring two gifts, and have 2 of everything possible at the shower, from 2 small baby shower cakes to 2 winners of each game.

Cyber Shower

Distance is no obstacle for this shower! Live chat, or even video feed (if you're a techno-nut) make this shower of the cyber kind. You can sign up for one of many FREE online chat rooms and use the chat room to hook up with the guests. Send out FREE online baby shower invitations through e-mail and let the guests know the date and time the parents-to-be will be on the online chat room. You can also suggest the parents-to-be sign up for a FREE online baby shower gift registry and then have the guests mail the gifts ahead of time. Of course, they can't open the gifts yet, everyone will want to watch the parents-to-be open the gifts through your online video feed. A unique way to bring long distance friends and family to you!

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