Baby Shower Games

Custom Made Puzzle

Definitely start with this one! As your guests walk in the door, pass out a puzzle based on the mother-to-be, your party theme, or the guests. They will have a fun puzzle to solve that gets them into the spirit of your party, and they will be entertained while you wait for everyone to arrive!

Make a puzzle now! It's free!

Safety Pins in Rice

Place tiny brass safety pins in a bowl of rice. Take turns blind folding people and see how many pins they can pull out in a minute. It's harder than it looks! Works best for smaller parties.

Measure the Mother-to-Be

Pass around a roll of toilet paper. Let everyone tear off enough to go around the mother-to-be's tummy. Whoever is the closest wins!

Guess the Objects

Place baby related items (such as a diaper, pacifier, bottle brush, etc.) in brown paper bags. Staple shut and write a number on the outside.

Everyone is given a piece of paper and a pen, and the sacks are passed around the room. Everyone must guess what they think is inside and write down what their guess is. At the end, the sacks are opened and whoever gets the most right wins. The mother-to-be is given the baby items.

Diaper The Baby Game

One of our favorite baby shower games. Male and female couples are paired together to "diaper" a baby doll. Sounds easy enough, but there's a catch. The the couple must wrap the diaper to the baby using only one hand each. The other hand is not allowed to touch the diaper. This is a lesson in teamwork! The team who diapers the doll the fastest wins the prize.

Pass The Present Game

The hostess starts with a gift which was wrapped numerous times with many layers of different colored paper. This game is played like musical chairs. When the music starts, the hostess passes the gift around the room. Every time the music stops, whoever has the gift removes a layer of wrapping paper. When the music restarts, the present gets passed around again. This continues until the last layer is removed, and the person holding the present gets to keep it.

Footprint & Handprint Advice

Make copies of baby feet and hand prints and cut them out. At the shower ask each guest to write advice on one and a helpful hint on the other. Then put them in a scrap book for the mom-to-be to refer back to as needed.

Pre-Addressed Envelope Door Prize Game

As guests arrive they are handed an envelope and asked to write their address on it, then it's put in a basket. One envelope is drawn, and the winning guest receives a prize. Then the envelopes (already addressed) along with the thank you cards were given to the mother, making it very easy to send.

Baby Questions

Pass out note cards and pencils to each attendee. Each person writes a common baby question such as "What do you do when a baby cries?" or "How do you get a baby to sleep through the night?" Then collect the cards and redistribute them face down (so you cannot see the question) and have each attendee write the answer to their initial question on the blank side. Then read the cards and get ready to laugh! For example, you could have a card with a question "How do you know you have folded a cloth diaper correctly?" on one side and the answer "Where you get your first smile" on the other.

Name Poem with Advice

If you already have a name picked out, have the attendees make a poem with the letters of the name. For example if the first letter is N, the tip could be "Never pull on daddy's mustache." The next letter could be E and the tip could be "Eat all your veggies!"

Baby Expression

Create a sheet of four to six baby pictures (from magazines, mother-to-be photo album, family albums, etc.). Make photocopies of the sheet to each guest. The guests try to create funny captions of what they think the baby is trying to say!

Baby Draw

Have the attendees draw a picture of a baby. But instead of holding the paper on their laps, they have to put the paper on their heads! Use a paper plate or magazine under the paper to ease the drawing. The guest of honor picks the one she likes best or most resembles a baby. Funny!

Multi-tasking Mama

Two people hold a clothesline, while each attendee takes a turn hanging up baby clothes. The trick is that they have to hang the clothes while holding the baby and talking on a cordless phone! The one who can hang the most clothes in one minute wins.

Guess the Number of Jelly Beans in the Baby Bottle Game

Fill a baby bottle with little jelly beans (or other small candy, you can even get baby themed candy at some candy stores). Show the attendees the baby bottle and have them guess how many beans or candy are in the baby bottle. How about picking the mom's favorite small candy to use as they did at my baby shower? Or you can use baby pins instead of candy in the guessing game for your party. This is a low calorie version!

Mom-to-be Trivia Game

Compile a list of about 20 questions about the mom-to-be to ask the attendees to see who knows her the most. The attendee with the most correct answers wins.

Sample questions include the following: What names does she have for picked for the baby?, Does she hope for boy, girl or either?, What are the color of her eyes?, What are the colors she has picked for the nursery?, What is she wearing today?, What is her favorite children's character (Pooh, Bart Simpson, etc.)?, Has she had any crazy food cravings and if so, what was it?

If you are having the shower after the baby is born, change the questions to Labor Trivia. Ask questions such as exact birth weight, time of birth, time arrived at the hospital, etc.